Here are what visitors (without names – private) have to say about Oceanview Manor Home for Adults & Assisted Living Program:

I and my wife took the courage of trusting Oceanview Manor home for adults with our healthcare needs. Since we’ve been in the Oceanview Manor home, we’ve never for once regret our decision. Living in this conducive environment with friendly staff is a memorable experience for us. We can’t but say a big thank you to the management and staff of Oceanview Manor home for adults.


Some months back, I was searching for a reliable home for adults where I could enroll my mother for an assisted living program. A friend told me about Oceanview Manor, which I was skeptical about initially. With one mind, I enrolled my mother. The last time I spoke with my mother, her heart was full of joy and she’s really glad to be in this home.


Enrolling my father for an assisted living program at Oceanview Manor is one of the most memorable decisions I ever made. As my father ages, I always wanted him to stay healthy and happy, but it’s all to no avail. This changed when I enrolled my father at Oceanview Manor. He really enjoyed his time in the home.


My daughter brought me to Oceanview Manor home for adults for assisted living program several months ago. I was not really okay with the decision because I didn’t believe in healthcare services by homes for adults. But with sincerity, Oceanview Manor has totally changed my perspective. Throughout my stay in the home, I got more than I expected.


WOW! It was really awesome at Oceanview Manor. A friend and I went to make inquiries about assisting our friend with possibly living at Oceanview, we arrived there when they were having lunch. I was really amazed, I couldn’t expect more. The whole setting and interior looked completely new.  We spoke with management, I was certain it’s the best place for our friend.


I visited the place recently, it’s a very good place. The staff warmly welcomed me and took me around the place. I saw the lounge place and the recreation room, everything looks quite amazing. With the interior decorations, the ocean view, and meals. I must say Oceanview Manor is a really good place for adults to keep body and soul together.


Few months ago, I enrolled at Oceanview Manor home for adults for assisted living program as I’m getting too old and can’t manage to do most activities myself because of my health status. For the little time I’ve spent in this healthcare home, it’s an understatement to say I’ve enjoyed every moment spent here. All the staff treats me like a father figure. It’s such a wonderful experience and I’m really grateful.


Oceanview Manor home for adults & Assisted Living Program is genuinely a wonderful place for our adults. The home is located very close to the ocean where adults can get a refreshing feeling viewing the ocean right from their rooms. Ocean Manor HFA & Assisted Living Program is also well loaded with sophisticated equipped for a standard living. Highly recommendable!


I went on a visit to Oceanview Manor and I can indeed say it’s an amazing place. From the rooms to the bathrooms, dining room, and even the environment at large looks pretty amazing. I fell in love with the ocean view from inside the rooms, is such a wonderful thing to talk about. I strongly recommend you register your adult with them.


Wonderful health care service is been provided at the home. I visited the home, it’s a pretty nice place. I saw all the new updates and renovations the home did. they have a new recreation room, residential lounge areas and the beautiful fully redone residential rooms with their own individual bathrooms… I spoke with few adults there, they gave a very good recommendation of the place. Oceanview Manor is really a very good place to register your adults.