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  • November 21, 2020

At Oceanview Manor Home for Adults, we are highly proud of our standards of hygiene and care of residents and staff members alike, continuously opting to perfect our hygiene throughout the entire facility.

Maintaining an extremely high standard of hygiene in assisted living homes is of great importance for both the physical and mental health of residents.

Physically: Poor hygiene increases the risk of infection. Additional risks involved in lack of hygiene may include pressure ulcers, bedsores, cavities, and other preventable conditions such as the flu and rashes.

Mentally: Anyone who has ever gone more than a full day without a good shower knows the mental side of feeling unclean. Lack of hygiene increases the risk of anxiety and depression.

Hygiene Features at Oceanview Manor

Equipment & bedding

Our specialized hygiene equipment is used regularly to improve the overall experience for residents of the building and for staff members as well. Bedding, just like clothing, is cleaned regularly to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort is maintained at all times.

Medical equipment is sterilised carefully after every single use. Hygienic dining areas and kitchen surfaces are kept clean and hygienic, and staff members are dressed accordingly. When handling food, our staff members wear protective clothing and gloves at all times. The food is always stored safely and hygienically.

Access to handwash is a top priority for both residents and staff members at the Oceanview Manor. Hands are regularly washed or disinfected by staff members on the following occasions:

  • After touching a resident
  • Before touching a resident
  • Before performing a procedure
  • After performing a procedure
  • Anytime staff members go away from a resident’s environment

Hands are to be washed by residents and visitors regularly, especially before and after meals and after using the bathroom.

All residents, staff members and visitors are to wash their hands thoroughly and dry them afterwards. Assistance with handwashing is provided to all residents who need it.

Personal hygiene care for our residents is our number one priority. These include:

  • Helping patients shower regularly
  • Providing hair brushes, nail clippers, shampoo caps, incontinence pads, and more.

We make sure members of the community wash their hands and face regularly, have a shower or bath at least three times a week, and wash their genitals daily.

Oral hygiene is just as important in our facility and is monitored regularly by our staff. Our caregivers help residents brush their teeth twice daily. In order to prevent their mouths from getting dry, our team provides residents with plenty of water and help them drink regularly. We also help residents clean their dentures daily when required.

At Oceanview Manor Home for Adults, we make sure to preserve our residents’ dignity at all times. Helping our residents shower may make them feel self-conscious, which is something we always keep in mind. We, therefore, train our caregivers to provide assistance in a manner that both respects the individual and is aware of their particular emotional state.

Maintaining a consistently high hygiene level helps create a safer, healthier and more enjoyable environment for everybody. This is something we strongly uphold and greatly emphasise.